Welcome To The Terrordome

Public Enemy

I got so much trouble on my mind

I refuse to lose

Here's your ticket

Hear the drummer get wicked

The crew to you to push the back to Black

Attack so I sat and japped

Then slapped the Mac(Intosh)

Now I'm ready to mike it

(You know I like it) huh

Hear my favoritism roll "Oh"

Never be a brother like to go solo

Lazer anastasia maze ya

Ways to blaze your brain and train ya

The way I'm livin', forgiven'

What I'm givin' up

X on the flex hit me now

I don't know about later

As for now I know how to avoid the paranoid

Man I've had it up to here

Gear I wear got 'em goin' in fear

Rhetoric said

Read just a bit ago

Not quittin' though

Signed the hard rhymer

Work to keep from gettin' jerked

Changin' some ways

To way back in the better days

Raw metaphysically bold

Never followed a code

Still dropped a load

Never question what I am God knows

Cause it's comin' from the heart

What I got better get some

(Get on up) hustler of culture


Been spit in the face

But the rhymes keep fittin'

Respects been givin' how's ya livin'

Now I can't protect a pad off defect

Check the record

An reckon an intentional wreck

Played off as some intellect

Made the call, took the fall

Broke the laws

Not my fault they're fallin' off

Known as fair square

Throughout my years

So I growl at the livin' foul

Black to the bone my home is your home

So welcome to the Terrordome

Subordinate terror

Kickin' off an

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