Reggie Jax

Public Enemy

I never tried to pretend to have an

Accent that I never had

So why don't you stay away awhile

Come hear the freestyle

The quicker the sticks

With the guitar licks

Complete the beat for your feet

Check out the drum kick

I'm here to live for the love of my people

Kickin' it all about rebuildin' so all the children

Avoid the self destruction

So long I'm gonna do y'all a favor

Cause I got the flavor yea

Get low not high you can't deny

Homeboys and girls you'll testify

The p-e-f-u-n and the K will stay

And make your body sway cause we got

The funky beat on the street on your feet

Can you feel the heat in your mind all the time

You don't have to find the effect of the

Rhythm an the funky rhyme on your body

On your gear so have no fear in your hair

Everywhere if you dare take this never

Miss that funky list of super rockin' cuts

That you can't resist on the move make ya

Groove prove that we choose our cuts

Make you strut and shake your but

Bend your back get the knack of the

Funk attack

Yes, yes y'all take that

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