Public Enemy

featuring Masta Killa

Chuck D:

damn back again up on track again

some of y'all black again it got dark

on your mark get set

out of sight out of mind

hyprocites forget like marionettes

strings in the back like nets

the chosen one who can laugh themselves to death

lack of rhymes meaningless punch lines

battle for your mind

like Israel and Palastine

good news there is some hard ass times

no more disses

repeated hook lines and chorus'

days of doris'

got issues and wishes

got the jam but gettin paid up off the misses

ain't nothin wrong but wait fuck another love song

it's the r&b strangler bringing nosie in the wranglers

rock all the heads big times and alzheimers

shot the pill while I drop skills up in Brazil

now the pitch

Lord save us from that sword of Davis

that kidnap hip hop tracks and the beats in the game of rap

put my soul in it

care less about the gold in it

boom the shootie

got 'em running from the paparazzi

lodie dotie

when the feds come and doom your party

cracker in the back

don't you know it's illuminati

ain't nothing changed

PE we be the same crew

resurrection in the game here to save you

Flava Flav:

yo it's going down baby

it's going down family

that's my word

we gettin ready to turn this shit to the two and three zeros

ya know what I'm sayin

have all the clocks goin backwards

have everything goin haywire

you lauged before let's see you laugh now blue cow

how now black cow

word to bird

word to bird

word to

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