Tie Goes To The Runner

Public Enemy

Here a track I found underneath

Findin' beats is a treat

An' I don't care if it top pop

Abracadabra can't keep a tab a

This stickin' around like D an' it stuck Chuck

Into a mode unloadin' pop pop pop

Go the weasels that dropped from the hip hop

Kissin' the good bye

Goin' goin' gone

Keep it flowin' on

Like a lemon I ain't livin'

Like a lime here's a line

To those here's a rose keep the casket closed

Gone and in check

The next is from the X

Wrecked and affected by the rest huh

How I'm gonna go I gotta flow

'Cause they figure I'm a gonna...

Tie goes to the runner

Politikin' I be wreckin'

I reckon he's the electrician

Pullin' the switches on brothers

Who be in disposition

I never got along wit' the long

Arm of the law

I saw where they place the hardcore

To them it doesn't matter

Where it splatter

Our blood from the bullet

Not ballot I vote for Jim Brown

I know it don't rhyme

Does it matter that he

In fact he won't find

Excuses inside of Murphy Brown

I'm on a level livin' low

Here we go I know

If this was Africa I'd try to give a necktie

To those runnin' & lyin' disguisin'

Three guys (surprise)

Tie goes to the runner

Not surprised at all

About the riot zone

And I moan

I wish they leave me alone yo

This was predicted not self-inflicted

By the rapp outta the 'hood

They picked it good

Hittin' heavy critical aim at all the phony names

Prez rembezzlers

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