Night Of The Living Baseheads

Public Enemy

Here it is


And you say Goddamn

This is the dope jam

But lets define the term called dope

And you think it mean funky now no

Here is a true tale

Of the ones that deal

Are the ones that fail


You can move if you wanna move

What it prove

It's here like the groove

The problem is this we gotta' fix it

Check out the justice and how they run it

Sellin', smellin'

Sniffin', riffin'

And brothers try to get swift an'

Sell to their own, rob a home

While some shrivel to bone

Like comatose walkin' around

Please don't confuse this with the sound

I'm talking about...BASS

I put this together to...

Rock the bells of those that

Boost the dose

Of lack a lack

And those that sell to Black

Shame on a brother when he dealin'

The same block where my 98 be wheelin'

And everybody know

Another kilo

From a corner from a brother to keep another -


Stop illin' and killin'

Stop grillin'

Yo, black, yo (we are willin')

4, 5 o'clock in the mornin'

Wait a minute y'all

The fiends are fiendin'

Day to day they say no other way

This stuff...

Is really bad

I'm talkin' 'bout...BASS

Yo, listen

I see it on their faces

(First come first serve basis)

Standin' in line

Checkin' the time

Homeboys playin' the curb

The same ones that used to do herb

Now they're gone

Passin' it on

Poison attack - the Black word bond


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