Miuzi Weighs A Ton

Public Enemy

Step back get away give the brother some room

You got to turn me up when the beat goes boom

Lyric to lyric line to line

Then you'll understand my reputation for rhyme

Cause my rhyme reputation depends on what

Style of record my DJ cuts

His slice dice super mix so nice

So bad you won't dispute the price

It's plain to see it's a strain to be

Number one in the public eye enemy

I'm wanted in 50, almost 51

States where the posse got me on the run

It's a big wonder why I haven't gone under

Dodgin' all types of microphone thunder

A fugitive missin' all types of hell

All this because I talk so well

When I,

Rock, get up, get down

Miuzi weighs a ton

The match up title, the expression of thrill

For elite to compete and attempt to get ill

If looks could kill, I'd chill until

The public catches on to my material

Ducks criticize my every phase of rapture

Can't wait to read the headlines of my capture

Accused of assault, a 1st degree crime

Cause I beat competitors with my rhymes

Tongue whipped, pushed, shoved and tripped

Coocked from the hold of my Kung Fu grip

And if you want my title, it would be suicidal

From my end, it would be homicidal

When I do work, you get destroyed

Make all the paranoid, try to avoid

The Public Enemy seat I've enjoyed

This is no kid and I'm no toy boy

Rock, get up, get down

Miuzi weighs a ton

I'm a Public Enemy but I don't rob banks

I don't shoot bullets and I don't shoot blanks

My style is supreme, number one is my rank

And I got more power than the New York Yanks

If miuzy wasn

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