Give It Up

Public Enemy

[Flavor Flav vocals in these brackets]

{crowd chant vocals in these brackets]

Intro: Chuck D Flavor Flav

Aight {aight} aight aight {aight} aight {aight}

I'm aight if you aight {I'm aight}

I be better get some of that bass

{word give it up} aight yeah

[Rinkin twinkin body shakin

Nuff attackin brain's a rackin

Clock tockin Chuck shockin

Flavor Flav ain't never shavin]

(one two, three four)

Verse One: Chuck D

It's another record, check it, mad methods

To put my brothers and sisters on a deathbed

You know he cheated, took what he wanted but now you blunted

Suckin up to the devil steppin down a level

It's who they fear is you

Who protects us from us and you from you

Yes and it counts [fuck the fourty ounce]

I sued them bastards, yeah they got bounce

I did em like a demo {threw em out the window}

I took a 98 cause I never liked a limo

But pump pump pump pu-pump pump it up

A mad rhyme, for mad times, that's what's up

Some ain't gonna change, I got em in a range

I gotta rearrange, so I'm buildin back your brain

Wreckin records with funky stuff

Am I loud enough? {yeah} You got ta give it up

Chorus: Flavor Flav

Give it up, give it up, give it up yo repeat

Give it up, give it up, gotta give it up / 4 times

repeat #2 -- (occasional) Chuck D vocal


you gots ta give it up now

Verse Two: Chuck D

Come again with the same old bounce

I'm calling a foul and once again it counts

Mad tense mad tense brothers know

The blunts in the back got the black behind

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