Bedlam 13:13

Public Enemy

Huffed and he puffed

Huffed and he puffed

Blew tha house down

Now how dat sound

Never no never

Give up gotta gotta live up

To my name

Triple double in da rap game

Cause I ain't goin niggatronic

Smart e nuff to know I ain't bionic

Wit my main man Harry

Not Connick

Rather rap my black as of

Getcha hooked on phonics

Good e nuff to know no endo

Thru it out tha window

Along wit tha Super Nintendo

I'm a strict daddy

Got dat right

God damn right

But have a good time/Dyn-o-mite

Its just that I don't talk

That same ol crap (shit)

Cause papa got a brand new

Bag fulla rap (hitz)

The world don't work no more no more

The world wont work no more

Ain't gonna woek no more no more

Verse II

My main knick knack paddy wack

C'mon & give a damn

Confrontational man

Iz what I am

Iz what I am

I'm tearin down da house that Jack built

Cause he killt whoever he wanted & hunted

And tax the backs of the environment macks

Who plan in da silence of the skams

A world dat wont work

No more/no more

Mother earth gets treated like a whore

And he doeth great wonders

So that he maketh fire come

Down from heaven on the earth

In sight of men

Toms to the left of me

Bombin to the right

World good night

He got destruction

In his appetite

On a platter a planet

To him it doesn't matter

3-2 at the plate

Up go the greedy batter

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