I Stand Accused

Public Enemy

I see I'm peeking out ready to rumble

So now I'm speaking out

Against those

That flip the way the story goes

One never knows

Who be flippin the script

Whatever the traitors name

My aim is dunk em like

I'm Chris Webber

So many phony smilin faces

Traces of slander

Got em comin outta funny places

I had it an hear em

Talkin loud behind my back

What was good for the hood

Is what they say is wack

I take the stabbin & grin

When I'm hit

Cause I know the suckas smile

When I leave em

What I'm comin wit

I cant complain about the money

Although the suckas in the back

They talkin shit

An laughin like its somethin funny

I aim to make changes

An never change

Unless its for the better

Cause I always been a go better

Clean hustler

Rhyme instead of muscle ya

Born when ya thinkin I'm gone

The terror era is on...

I stand accused

To the crews

I paid my dues

I stand accused

I refuse

To stand and lose

I stand accused

To the news

I kick da blues

I stand accussed

I refuse

I hear em talkin & walkin

Behind my back I'm attacked

Fuck the knife in the back

Cause it feels like they got an axe

Yeah I can dig it wit a shovel

I never dig dirt wit the devil

Instead I'm on that other level

But I took time to reach down

To help the black & brown

I never stood around

I hear em talkin behind

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