Raise The Roof

Public Enemy

(chorus) Raise your hands so we can

Raise the roof so you can

Raise your voice so we can

Raise the roof

Raise the roof because it's all on fire

Not done by the sun or electrical wire

Not done by sons stricking matches with daughters

But done by scratches so save that water

This jam is packed so I just figure

All we need is the house to get bigger

So startin' with the roof down to the base

We're at your service to burn the place

(repeat chorus)

With the spot as hot as it can get

The roof's on fire, you're soaked and wet

The puzzle on your face shows as you sweat

But your body keeps movin' with no regrets

Chandeliers shake, swing from front to back

Left to right all night, and the lights don't crack

Your minds on the time, hopin' it don't end

It's time to get stupid, here we go again

(repeat chorus)

Stare at the strope, pull your earlobe

For the sights and sounds clear across the globe

This jam might hit or miss the charts

But the style gets wild as state of the art

Dazzling in science, bold in nerve

But givin' my house what it deserves

Served on the floor cause I got payed

Make the fans that left, wished they had'a stayed

Realize my friend, ain't this a trip

As your body gets railed when you do the flip

And your mind gets rocked when we're on a roll

Then the freak of the week makes you loose control

A Swatch for a watch, so you'll know the time

Your crowd gets loud and you clock my rhyme

The messiah's on fire and I'm living proof

I'll quench your desire and raise your roof

(repeat chorus)

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