Death Of A Carjacka

Public Enemy

I'm keepin a cool head

Smart and calculated

Tell da skinheads what I said & they hate it

One dumb move they make

A mistake a turnover/going going gone

And its over

Shoulda thought silly rabbit

Those habits'll getcha

Runnin whitcha life

So what some sucker snuck inside a knife

But I'm checkin it out

Back from a far you know

Theyll never know I'm backin up

An jettin to my car

B4 they steal it

Watch me ride an wheel it

Ooh! child here it comes now

I can feel it

Inspiration from the situation

Flowing to what I know an...

This ain't nuttin but another

Headline statistic, two brothers

But one went ballistic

Now I'm chillin beside my ride

Pulled over the side

Five-O ran a check

Now how the hell am I suspect

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