Revolutionary Generation

Public Enemy

I get down to what it is

And if it ain't funky (see ya)

People askin' me what's goin' on

With my mind

(Huh) wait a minute

It's just a matter of race

Cause a black male's in their face

Step back for the new jack swing

On the platter scatter huh

We got our own thing

Just jam to let the rhyth run

Day to day America eats it's young

And defeats our women

There is a gap so wide we all can swim in

Drown in (uh get down) an get it

Got it goin' on wit it

Sister (hey) soul sister

We goin' be all right

It takes a man to take a stand

Understand it takes a

Woman to make a stronger man

(As we both get strong)

They'll call me a crazy Asiatic

While I'm singin' a song

Oh my god, oh my lord

I can't hold back

But I get exact on a track

It's an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

Forget about me

Just set my sister free

R-e-s-p-e-c-t my siters, not my enemy

(Cause we'll be stronger together)

And make the suckers say

(Damn) this generation

They don't know what we got goin' is (sound)

To turn it all around

To my sisters I communicate

With the bass and tone

Thru speakers and the microphone

Cause I'm tired of America dissin' my sisters

(For example, like they dissed Tawana)

And they try to say she's a liar

My people don't believe it

But even now they're getting higher

Of the feeling inspiration

We must know that in this nation

Every single generation

(They teach us how to dis our sisters)

Stange as you say, I say revo

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