Public Enemy

When I get down

I give what go around

And when I cough

I do my best to cut it off

I don't claim to be a preacher

Not paid to be a teacher

But I'm grown

I try to be a leader to the bone

Never could follow a man

Wit' a bottle

He's a baby wit' a beard

Not a feared role model

And they ask me where I got it

I get it from my pops

Wit' a man in the house

All the bullshit stops

Then I sing a song

About what the hell is goin' wrong

You never know

If you only trust the TV and the radio

These days

You can't see who's in cahoots

'Cause now the KKK

Wears three-piece suits

It's like that y'all, it's like that y'all

In fact you know it's like that y'all

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