Super Agent...he Is What He Is

Public Enemy

Sold / black gold

One strong buck

To the Milwaukee Bucks

For a million bucks

Just get em off the street

So he don't get bucked

Super agent to rescue

So he won't get fucked

Ya run nigger run

To the auction block

But you can't pledge alliegance

To the block

This buck right here

The right kind a stock

For sale for passin

The right kind a rock

Auctioneer stern to massa falk

Can a nigga go home

Where he used to walk

Come back but super agent

Said you can't talk

I didn't know basketball had a balk

The buck run laps

While they run craniums

Players be drainin em

Owners be claimin em

Super agents framin em

Then nicknamin em

Tra win their ass

To be packin them stadiums

In the players ear

Word for word verbatim

Super agent got em locked

Coaches be hatin em

Super agent wouldn't even

Come in my hood

If I had no skills

Was wack and no good

In my neck of the woods

The leagues concrete

And one can only dream about wood

Yeah deal the grade

Let the bills get paid

Pay respect to the projects

And the half-court rejects

Scholarship save that college


Them championships

Don't pay for the head trips

Fuck the trophy

Find the loot

Then approach me

Land of milk and honey

Can I get a quickness

To the money

Or a witness four ______ years

I ain't wit this

Hell with the NCAA ____ / because

My super agents paid

With his dollars I can buy a fuckin college

Miss the rah rah campuses

And keep the school buses

Lookin who's lovin ya

Goin for the jugular

They know they can't

Contain me on the regular

Pimps, pushers

Pocketbook guzzler

Would you pardon my father

Mr. Governor

Thought he had it made

Dreamin about a trade

The thanks we get

Put the roof on this bitch

Dark side of the room

When he jumped the broom


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