Get The Fuck Outta Dodge

Public Enemy

(Featuring True Mathematics)


I was wheelin'

Wit' the boom in the back

The treble was level

I like it like that

I was rolly roll a roll rollin'

5 o looked and said hold it

And I stopped still

I never got ill

'Cause my license was clean an I showed

A peace powwow

Instead of pow pow

I'm straight up and I'm straight

So how you like me now

But I know how you do

You're straight from Babylon

But I know how you do

You're straight from Babylon

They said turn it down

'Cause it's a new law

You never seen us before

But we're raw like a war

They warned me once

They warned me twice

So I knew I was warned

They had it goin' on

I got the fuck outta Dodge

Wit' my Bronco

60 miles per hour

50 miles to go

And I be pumpin' the sound

Drownin' out the cars

Which tape should I rock

L.L.'s or R.A.'s

I'm in the streets of New York

(Go away)

So I pop in my Kool G Rap 'n' Polo tape

And they was at it again

Sirens in the air

Ahhh sh-t

So I'm outta here

But the blue in the front

Called the blue in the back

They cut me off

Stopped me dead in my tracks

But this is minimal

I'm not a criminal

I always did what I did

Because I'm not a kid

But they looked me down

They stared me down

Told me what I did

I ain't wit' it

'Cause word around town was a stickup

Yeah, yeah, yeah

B-boy niga in a pickup

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