Air Hoodlum

Public Enemy

[Flav] Yo Chuck where you at G??

I think he went upstairs y'know

[DJ] A very furious mixture of noise

What Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee calls

music's worst nightmare

"Hey he's a good kid"

[Chuck D] Air Hoodlum (repeat 2X)

[Tony D] Check check check the elevation (repeat 4X)

"A player that can leap with the best of them"

Verse One:

Risin up in the 'Velt Strong Island New York

The hood in case you did not know my base

There was a ballplayer who had all the skills

wit the pill to pay the piper, plus all the bills

Mick his first name, Mack the awesome game

Practiced in the heat, in the rain or in pain

Mick so quick, at six foot six

Down to be picked by anyone but the Celtics

Oh what a handle could score from the floor

with people bangin on him, or even hangin on him

But what he did best, above all the rest was...

"A player that can leap, with the best of them"

"As a high school standout..."

"The skywalker himself!"

"I felt, he could do, to make this an effective basketball team"

Verse Two:

Grades nine and ten, Mickey Mack was all that

but in class his ass sat way in the back

How I know, cause I know, I used to flow wit the bro

He didn't mind I used to read him his own headline

Cause he could not read em his school wouldn't need em

if the lines wouldn'ta went like this

Mickey Mack jumped over the candlestick

His stack was his stats but his D was still wack

Grades eleven and twelve he found the wrong clientele and all

During class, he would dribble in the hall

But never got in trouble in school

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