Gotta Do What I Gotta Do

Public Enemy

I gotta do what I gotta do (uh)

So who the hell is you

To tell me how my song is wrong

You don't know

Layout & let the drummer go

You think my rap's about stealin'

But it's about feelin'

Sometimes drug dealin'

But few know how my flow

Don't get the proper review

I gotta do what I gotta do

Do whatcha gotta do first


Here go da verse

I gotta do what I do best (uh)

Kick da Nitti & Ness

The danger zone

They better leave me alone

I got posse

Lus the feds had better watch me

I picked a bone wit' Arizona

Droppin' kickin' a mission

Wit' no permission

I let 'em know why I did what I did

I got dialogue

Got 'em to even sing along

& got the semiautomatic

Tongue to da young

When there's static

They come & try to get some

They had the nerve to call the president

An' I wasn't hesitant

To scream I was a resident

So-called power of the people

Lookin' for the truth

Like guessin' my vest was never bulletproof

I'm edgin' close to the line

& it's fine time to know

Why the hell & da f---

I try to battle so

Much to touch never feedin'

A crutch to lean on me

Excuses is weak

That's why my look is mean

To the devils 'bout God

Another reason why it's comin' hard

My intellect doin' wreckin' effect

'Till it's through

Gotta do what I gotta do

I Gotta do what dey don't like

'Cause I got a mike

The more I push

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