Stop In The Name...

Public Enemy

Ridenhour - Walford

Full fledgin never sat on my legend

No shuffle or shoulder shruggin

Uncle Tommin nickel & dime rhymin

This renegade rippin

Rugged trax I love it

Sorta black owned

Like da Denver Nuggets

Pow pow

The original

Harder hitter

Iz back in black

On deck wit a turtleneck

Uh ha you can drink

All you want

But hard dont make

Da liquid matter you intake

The logical

Sorta psychological

Brother like butter spread to one


Thicker da blunt & got sicker

Once upon a rhyme all bigger

Meant was for bigga cotton picker

Leave alone

The men from the mice

Who twice packs da gatt

Turn into dirty ratts

I'm comin wit the andidote, I hope they cope

To da rhythm I wrote

Pawns in da game

Goin down da drain

Final call to my race in pain

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