Rage Against Time

Public Enemy

Rage Against Time

Microphone check

Microphone check

Can I get a check up from the neck up

Can I kick a rhyme

While I'm checkin my time

Can I get a cure

Cause you did da crime

For sure


Probably killin me

Wit these shots

Tell me what I got

An I'm gone


Who did it

Right who did it

Thats who did it

Who/World Health Organized


Came to the aid got paid

Doctor doctor in a lab

Concocted a germ warfare to the botty

I rocked it

105 million goin down

In da ground

Most in da black an da brown


How did I catch this riddle

If I didn't crossover

Like a Hardaway dribble

They blamed it on some

Green African money

Now ain't that funky

While da clock

Iz doin da tickin & tock

I didn't know

Dat da guns aimed & cocked

Were runnin outta


Rage against

Testin 1 - 2

Testin 1 - 2

Can I get a blood check testin 1 - 2

Can I get a witness/?yes you can

Can I get a witness?/yes you can

Then check it

I'm checkin records and facts

About da battle

To da Indian, Japanese

Whites and blacks

Germs they spread it

Warfare I read it

Quote me on this yes and I said it

Bet it

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