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Ebiet G. Ade (born 21 April 1955) is an Indonesian singer and songwriter close to the suppressed society. His musical touch has influenced Indonesian pop music. His lyrics are made by himself, he never collaborates with other musicians to arrange the lyrics, but he can collaborate with them to arrange his musical arrangement.

Born as Abdul Gafar Abdullah in Wonodadi, Banjarnegara; he is the youngest son of Aboe Ja'far. He had many desires: engineer, doctor, and painter. But as it turned out, eventually he became a famous singer, although he only wants to be called a poeter.

In 1970s, Ebiet was close to Yogyakarta young artist society. It formed his musical style. Close to a prolific artist Emha Ainun Nadjib, he often sang his friend’s poems with his guitar. But, when entering recording studio, he did not sing any of Emha’s songs. Although Ebiet felt sorry to leave Yogyakarta, he concentrated to try his luck and natural talent in Jakarta. The recording of his songs were successful. He recorded in the Philippines to get the better recording. But he refused to record his songs in Japanese, when he had a chance to have a concert there.

Married with Yayuk Sugianto (Iis Sugianto’s old sister), in 1982; he has 4 sons: Abietyasakti Ksatria Kinasih, Adaprabu Hantip Trengginas, Byatuasa Pakarti Hinuwih, and Segara Banyu Bening. They lived in Ciganjur, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. In his house Ebiet raises about 20 birds.

Later, he recorded in Colombia Record, the United States. Ebiet also involved Adie MS and Jimmy Manoppo to assist his music.

Ebiet was chosen as the favorite singer of ABRI Radio Broadcasting (1989-1992), BASF Awards winner 1984 until 1988, and the best singer in 1997 Indonesian Musical Awards.

Until 1990, he has launched 12 albums, Camellia I (1979), Camellia II (1979), Camellia III (1980), Camellia IV (1980), Langkah Berikutnya (1982), Tokoh-Tokoh (1982), 1984 (1984), Zaman (1985), Isyu! (1986), Menjaring Matahari (1987), Sketsa Rembulan Emas (1988), and Seraut Wajah (1990). But Ebiet "went to seclusion" for the next 5 years. In 1995, the albums he launched were Kupu-Kupu Kertas and Cinta Sebening Embun. In 1996, Ebiet launched Aku Ingin Pulang. Kupu-Kupu Kertas was supported by musicians such as Ian Antono, Billy J. Budiardjo, Purwacaraka, and Erwin Gutawa.

In the following years, Ebiet launched 3 albums, Gamelan (1998), Balada Sinetron Cinta (2000), and Bahasa Langit (2001). Again, he secluded for 5 years, but he once appeared in the collaboration album Kita Untuk Mereka (2004).

In 2007, he launched a new album, In Love: 25th Anniversary, to commemorate his 25-year marriage. All of its songs are about love.

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