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Dewa 19 is a Rock Band from Surabaya, Indonesia. Since the band's formation in 1986 there have been a number of changes to the band name and lineup. They were previously known as Down Beat and Dewa.

Current members:

Guitar and Keyboard: Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (1986-2011).
Lead Guitar: Andra Junaidi (1986-2011).
Vocal: Once Mekel (1999-2011).
Bass: Yuke Sampurna (2002-2011).
Drums: Agung Yudha (2007-2011).

Previous members:

Wawan Juniarso (1986 - 1994).
Rere Reza (1994-1995).
Wong Aksan (1995-1998).
Bimo Sulaksono (1998).
Setyo Nugroho (1999-2007).

Vocal: Ari Lasso (1989-1999).

Bass: Erwin Prasetya (1986-2002).

Dewa 19's original drummer, Wawan Juniarso, was left the band while they recorded their album "Format Masa Depan" in 1994. He was replaced by a temporary drummer, Rere Reza (Drummer Ada Band) to finishing the album.

Rere Reza was replaced by Dewa's official drummer, Wong Aksan, while they recorded "Terbaik Terbaik" in 1995. But one year after they were released "Pandawa Lima" album, Wong Aksan has officially fired because too many Jazz style on his drums style. Wong Aksan was replaced by Bimo Sulaksono but not long after that, he was left the band and creating a new band Romeo with Bebi in 1998.

Dewa 19 had another problem too. Their Vocalist and Bassist, Ari Lasso and Erwin Prasetya were having reliance with drugs. Their drug habits made Dewa 19's concert were canceled and their fifth album was unfinished. Ari and Erwin have been gived some rehabilitations by Dewa 19's management. Unfortunately, just Erwin was succesfully rehabilitated, and Ari was getting worse for their habit.

Ari Lasso were forcefully fired in 1999 because his condition was too worst for consequence about his drugs habit. Dewa 19 was released their best songs from previous albums in an album, "The Best of Dewa 19" to commemorate Ari for his merits for Dewa 19.

Ari Lasso was replaced by Once Mekel in 1999. Once was inviting Setyo Nugroho to join Dewa 19 too. Then Setyo was officially as Dewa 19's Drummer in 1999.

After vacuum for three years, they were changing their name from Dewa 19 to Dewa and they were presented their new formation. With new band name, they were released three great successful albums, "Bintang Lima", "Cintailah Cinta", and "Laskar Cinta".

After the band was released "Cintailah Cinta", Erwin Prasetya was fired by Dewa 19 management and then he was replaced by former bassist of The Groove, Yuke Sampurna. The band changed back their band name to Dewa 19 in 2004 after releasing "Laskar Cinta".

After the band was released "Kerajaan Cinta" album in 2007, Setyo Nugroho's suffer for legs nervous breakdown. According to some advices from neurology doctors, Setyo was mandated to left the band because his nerve breakdown made him couldn't play the drums for the long time. Setyo Nugroho was replaced in 2007 by Agung Yudha.

After their world tour concert in 2006, Every members was focused for their side-projects. Andra has side-project band, Andra and The BackBone. Once Mekel has focused for his solo career. Yuke Sampurna has two side-project bands, Number One and The Chemistry. And Dhani has developing their management become a new management named "Republik Cinta" which it was popularizing some musicians like Dewi Dewi, Mulan Jameela, The Virgin, Mahadewi, and Alexa Key.

All members were too focused their project and that was making their tenth album "Kesultanan Cinta" unfinished.

In 2011, Once Mekel was declaring if he has left the band. After 25 years in Indonesia's music arena, Dewa 19 has officially disbanded.

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