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Public Enemy

DJ: Public Enemy ah in their music ah kinda rabble rousing.

They ah talk about ah well things like You know the white media has

been very upset abou

DJ: On the air Hello?

Caller: Yes hello?

DJ: Yes?

Caller: Ah I've seen these guys I saw them warm up for the

Beastie Boys last year.

DJ: How were they?

Caller: How were they? I thought it was one of the most appalling

things I have ever seen. There were two gentlemen in cages on either side

of the stage wit

DJ: Hello?

PE in full effect, Brother!

DJ: Hello?

Caller: Why do you even pay homage to these people by putting these

monkies on?

DJ: Hello? Hello?

Caller: ...then have the guts to tell him that he doesn't know what

he's talking about.

DJ: Hello?

Caller: Terminator X!

DJ: Thank You. (Terminator X is one of the members on the group).

On the air (3X). Go back to Africa? OK, we're going to (ha ha) - believe

me when we go t

Caller: (Yes, hello?) Yes, I think that White liberals like

yourself have difficulty understanding that Chuck's views represent the

frustrations of the majori

DJ: I do understand that.

Caller: But before he came on, you were -

DJ: If you had read the stuff I had read about him, and the way

he's been portrayed in American press-

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