Live And Undrugged Part I & Ii

Public Enemy

Ridenhour - Young

Live And Undrugged Part I

Its been a long time

Since the rhyme rode

A rough road

I'm riding rhymes & givin

A dose of brotherland

Never said I wasn't good at it

Cause I'm a static addict

No fear you gotta

Know I had it

If you know better

Spose to do better

So I know like Al Green

We gotta stay together

Knock, knock...who's there

Where? overhere

Da boom kids knockin

Bang and they outta here

The dopemans livin at home


They dont understand

But they can

They can can

If I dont say it

I'm a sucka parlayin it

Don't really matter

When the flow fatter

But I dont dont


& duck bob an weave

Will deceive a street corner

And the 40 thieves

They bring em in

You do em in

He bring em in

You do us in

Smell em knockin da/boom

Hear em hittin nat/boom

I'm comin atcha

Live and uncut

An undrugged

These days they be thinkin I'm bugged

Livin I be kicken it

Hard instead of lickin it

Down domination on the overground

Tell me what we be

Seekin is self preservation

A nation of millions

Gotta go wit a feelin

Uncle Sam be gatt Uncle Tom

And when it comes to drugs

Uncle Tom gotta bomb

Can I get a pop

Till the muthafukas stop

Sellin nat shit

That make the hoody drop

No more easy gettin over

For da cracka in the back

Yo its over

Number 1 wit a bullet

He pull it what I do now

Cant out run it or duck

Or get a new Chuck

Up against the wall

Wont confess yall

I mo move & I'm gone

An so I guess yall

Lemme tell you so lend me a listen

I'm missin a life

If I aint givin up an ass kissin

No television or movie style

No buckwild thinkin

Cause I dont know what he drinkin

But he better act quick

Cause I'm gettin quicker

3 mo sec

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