Public Enemy

featuring KRS One

[Flavor Flav]

Aiyyo man ya yo yo yo

I'm tryin ta stay away from it but it won't stay away from me

[KRS One]

You better ask yourself

What do you want what do you need what will you find

Don't be afraid don't fall asleep open your mind

I hope this rhyme gets you in time and space come to a different place

Where you hear spiritual lyrical knowledge and you're face to face

like welfare, and these rappers lyrics they need help there

Does KRS represent heaven? Hell yea

Let me take you elsewhere, where you stand, there's a curse there

for sure, unless you're mature, grow up

If you're immature, then you're livin sinister

You reject the words of the minister

You better get witcha Qu'Ran or bible, you won't be livin long

if you're livin idol, the t'cha, that's my title

Shakin it up, wakin it up, makin it up, breakin it up

Takin it up higher, no liar, you can't deny the

Public Enemy, with the public enema

I gets way up in your buttocks, I rocks cause it's hip-hop

The long-laster, Chuck D with BlastMurderer

I know you heard of the word I be swervin and servin ya

Alertin ya, while splurtin a divine speech

Slow the party down so I can spit it

To each I teach mystic lyric, don't stop, you can get it

You better hear it.. battle? Quit it!

[Chuck D] Unstoppable, Public Enemy on a disc

[KRS-One] Unstoppable

[Griff] Runnin the game, Chuck and Kris

[KRS-One] Unstoppable, bet you didn't know they had grip

[together] Unstoppable

[Chuck D] You don't wanna take this risk

[Chuck D] Unstoppable, Public Enemy on a disc

[together] Unstoppable

[KRS-One] You don't wanna take the risk!

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