Get Off My Back

Public Enemy

The monkey ain't no joke

So you want to mess with the coke

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

The monkey ain't no joke

You better leave 'em alone

He's home grown he's the cyclone

He's the moan groan Capone the clone

The broken bone tone

You've got to get off my back

We got the real Flavor Flav

Gettin' down with the sound

And he's tellin' you to get off his back

He's on your back gives you no slack

Don't give me no flack, because I know

Toe to toe, go to go

He's on my back

Get off my back

Asalaam alaikum

And that's the way we take 'em

And if we got to frisk you down

Then that's the way we shake 'em

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