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Public Enemy

Yo yo yo gee guess what happened

To the burned up hand that was clappin'

Too good to be true

Getting all the guys turn to get in doo doo

Took it all for granted

Then life start turn to granted

Having everything to having nothing

Now this turkey ain't got no stuffing

On the couch ill puffing

To get you buffin' it's you they got cuffin

Your family they did not believe me

Till they heard it for themselves on TV

I called the crib, the clock said seven

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More news at 11

I was watching the TV screen

Can't believe what I seen

Three guys tried to rob a store

Got more than what they bargained for

They shot them right before my eyes

All three just dropped like flies

If they only thought before they did it

Neither one of those three would have been with it

As they fell to the floor and got rougher

Now the family has got to suffer

Pallbearers got to carry them

While the family cry loud just to bury them

Newscast and people were heavily amazed

Flavor Flav just stared in a daze

Eyewitness News - channel seven

More news at 11

This is Harry Allen hip hop activist and media

assassin with my co-anchor Flavor Flav for P.E.

TV and by the way if you still think that they're that

don't believe the hype

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