Last Mass Of The Caballeros

Public Enemy

Madd Topics
No You Can't Stop It
Like How Much They Paid For That Rocket?
People In The Hood
Really Ain't Got Shit
How Much Got Spent By The President
Where My Money Went
Livin Here Separate
Even Heads Gotta Nerve Yellin Represent
Beat Down Cribs Funky Ghetto Adlibs
Gadgets, Value Jets, Half Lit Cigarettes
City Limits
Put My Whole Soul In It
I Been Waitin Too Long To Get Where I'm Goin
Hatas Dissin This Flowin
Thinkin Ball And Rap
Is The Greatest Thing From Blacks
Hype Watch A Sucka Run To It
Seems Like A River Runs Thru It
Simple To Do It
Pass The Can Around
Try To Help One Another
The Pimp Got Tricks
That He Learned From The Other
Go By The Color You'll Discover
Damn Everybody Ain't No Brother

Just When You Thought It Was Safe
I'm Dubbing Madd Breaks On Ol CIA Tapes
Ain't No Stoppin Who
In This Country Tis Of You
It's Monkey See Monkey Do
Now In The Age Of Followin The Celebrity Rage
A 12 Gauge Flipped The Whole Page
The Score Lopsided In A One Sided War
Could Be More Then What You Bargained For
Six Pack Weasels Pumped Up By Their Own Press Releases
Till The Capital Ceases
Ain't No Difference Tween Black And White
Except The Green In Between Yeah Right
Know What I Mean
Spook That Sat By The Sound
Black Like James Brown
It's Been Goin Down
Spirit In Your Dark Ass Direction
Projection Controls Perception
Got You Guessin In The Art Of Deception
Indexes Confusin Rolexes For Rolodexes
Another Brother Fried In Texas
Spent My Best Pay Days Hittin Off Exes

Turn It Up Turn It Up

Analysis Of The Situations
Bringing Forth Alarming Revelations
Cigars 100,000 Dollar Cars / What
Most Of Us Do The Laundry In The Bus
Is We Blessed Cause Fast Foods Processed
Will The Last Be First Can The First Be Less?
Got No Leverage
Madd Thirst For The Beverages
Now The Funk Got Us Dead N Drunk
Got Your Drink On But Got No Think On
Now You Got Beef Wanna Knock Out Teeth
Against The Land Of The Lost / Gettin Tosses
6 Daze A Week Of Course To The Bosses
Old Timers / Preachin As Born Again Rhymers
In The School Gotta Walk Men
Graduates Can't Talk Man
Lyin Between The Chalk Man
Shakin That Money Maker
That MTV Honey Is A Faker
Let Ill And Al Take Her
Deaded Borders Separated By The Waters
Stats And Surveys / Be Off Like Saturdays
Madd Killers Reproducin Like Caterpillars
What's On Your Mind On The Welfare Line
Cuttin Medicaid Got Us Droppin Like Flies
Words From The Wise Comin From The Dead
Not Alive

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