Hitler Day

Public Enemy


500 years ago one man claimed

To have discovered a new world

Five centuries later we the people

Are forced to celebrate a black holocaust

How can you call a takeover

A discovery

Mass murderer

This side of the planet

Most people take it for granted

502 and still doin

Give a reason I'm hatin

October celebratin

The dead

Of the black the brown and red

Sick an tired

Of bein sick n tired

Dont jump to conclusions

Before I clear the confusion

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

I'm talkin bout Columbus

Hit me one

I dont hate nobody

I hate that day

Its as crazy as Hitler day

Hangin heads and snappin necks

Splittin up kin

Makin familys wrecked

Turned this planet to a sewer

Provin to all just a lil grab

Will do ya

Or do us

So my disgust

Got credit from the ones that

Read it

Aint blind to the fact

Of a whack headline

And if you didn't I pay

No mind

That's how I feel

That's how I feel

This iz madd real

But these days

Is crazy as Hitler day

I don't hate nobody

It's impossible to discover a land

When people are already living there

Some thanks for the givin

When times are hard

& some got the nerve to pray to God

Aint about turkey

& cider that gets me sick

It's that take from the indian trick

Lookin pretty grim

When they takin da pill

From the sucker seekin somethin to kill

Now he got a day to celebrate

Aint that a trip

Cause the indians aint got shit

May 31st when it comin it hurts

Remember the dead and it makes me curse

When they dont include 100 million

Of us black folks

That died in the bottom of boats

I can carry on bout the killin till

Dusk & dawn

And war ain't the reason they gone

Fourth of July a fuckin lie

When did we ever

Get a piece of the pie

Gotta whole day comin

Without no pay

Cause a fuckin job

Cant gimme no play

Even had enuff I huff & puff

At brothers sellin the stuff

Takin in washingtons


Not they birthdays

Payback for em makin us slaves

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