Public Enemy No. 1

Public Enemy

Well I'm all in put it up on the board

Another rapper shot down from the mouth that roared

1 2 3 down for the count

The result of my lyrics oh yes no doubt

Cold rock rap 49er supreme

Is what I choose and I use I never lose to a team

Cause I can can go solo like a Sugar Ray bolo

Make the fly girls wanna have my photo

Run in their room hang it on the wall

In remembrance that I rocked them all

Suckers, ducks, ho-hum emcees

You can't rock the kid, so go cut some cheese

Take this application of rhymes like these

My rap's red hot, 110 degrees

So don't start bassin' cause I'll start placin'

Bets on that you'll be disgracing

You and you mind from a beatin' from my rhymes

A time, a crime that I can't find

I'll show you my gun, my Uzi weighs a ton

Because I'm Public Enemy number one

You got no rap, but you want a battle

It's like havin' a boat, but you got no paddle

Cause I never pause, I say it because

I don't break in stores, but I break all laws

Written while sittin', all fittin' not bitten

Givin' me the juice that your not gettin'

I'm not a law obeyer, so you can tell your mayor

I'm a non-stop, rhythm rock poetry sayer

I'm the rhyme player, the the ozone layer

A battle what? Here's a bible so start your prayer

A word to the wise is justified

If they ask you what happened, just admit you lied

You just got caught a, for going out of order

And now you're servin' football teams their water

You just got dissed, all but dismissed

Sucker duck emcees, you get me pissed

It's no fun, being on the run

Cause they got me, Public Enemy number one

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