Flavor Flav Cold Lampin'

Public Enemy

Um lampin um lampin um cole cole lampin

I got loowies boy um not trampin

I just came from Da crib ya know

Um on da go throw ya tank into metro

Live lyrics from the bank of reality

I kick da flyest dope maneuver technicality

To a dope track you wanna hike git out ya backpack

Um in my Flav mobile cole lampin

I took dis g upstate cole lampin

Ta da poke a nose, we call da hide-a-ways

A pack of franks and a big bag of frito lays

Flavor-Flav on a hype tip

Um ya hype drink, come take a big sip

Um in position, you can't play me out da pocket

I'll take da dopest beat yougot and I'll rock-it

Like chocolate, even vanilla - chocolate, strawberry, saperella

Flavors are electric - try me - get a shock-a

Didn't I tell you to leave Flavor Flav alone knock-a

A clock on my chest proves I don't fess

I'm a clock-a, rock-a rockin' wit-da-rest

Flavor in da house by Chuck-D's side

Chuck got da Flavor-Flav don't hide

P.E. crazy, Crazy P.E. - makin' crazy loowies for the shoppin spree

Ya eatin death cause ya like gittin dirt from da graveyard - ya put

gravy on it

Den ya pick ya teeth with tomb stone chips

And casket cover clips - dead women hips ya do da bump with - bones

Nutin but love bones

Lifestyles of the Live-en-dead

First ya live den ya dead - died trying ta clock what I said

Now I got a murder rap cause I bust ya cap with Flavor - pure


We got Magnum Brown, Shoothki - Valoothki


You could put dat in ya don't know what I said book


Shinavative ill factors by da Flavor Flav

Come an ride da Flavor wave

In any year on any givin da

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