Can't Truss It

Public Enemy

Bass in your face

Not an eight track

Gettin' it good to the wood

So the people

Give you some a dat

Reactin' to the fax

That I kick and it stick

And it stay around

Pointin' to the joint put the Buddha down

Goin' goin' gettin' to the roots

Ain't givin' it up

So turn me loose

But then again I got a story

That's harder than the hardcore

Cost of the holocaust

I'm talin' 'bout the one still goin' on

I know

Where I'm from, not dum diddie dum

From the base motherland

The place of the drum

Invaded by the wack diddie wack

Fooled the black, left us faded

King and chief probably had a big beef

Because of dat now I grit my teeth

So here's a song to the strong

'Bout a shake of a snake

And the smile went along wit dat

Can't truss it

Kickin' wicked rhymes

Like a fortune teller

'Cause the wickedness done by Jack

Where everybody at

Divided and sold

For liquor and the gold

Smacked in the back

For the other man to mack

Now the story that I'm kickin' is gory

Little Rock where they be

Dockin' this boat

No hope I'm shackled

Plus gang tackled

By the other hand swingin' the rope

Wearin' red, white and blue Jack and his crew

The guy's authorized beat down for the brown

Man to the man, each one so it teach one

Born to terrorize sisters and every brother

One love who said it

I know Whodini sang it

But the hater taught hate

That's why we gang bang it

Beware of the hand

When it's comin' from the left

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