You Must Learn

Boogie Down Productions

Just like I told you you must learn

It's calm yet wild the style that I speak

Just filled with facts and you will never get weak in the heart

In fact you'll start to illuminate knowledge to others in a song

Let me demonstrate the force of knowledge

knowledge reigned supreme

The ignorant is ripped to smithereens

What do you mean when you say I'm rebellious

'Cause I don't accept everything that you're telling us

What are you selling us the creator dwellin' us

I sit in your unknown class while you're failing' us

I failed your class 'cause I ain't with your reasoning

You're tryin' make me you by seasoning

Up my mind with see Jane run, see John walk in a hardcore New York

It doesn't exist no way, no how

It seems to me that in a school that's ebony

African history should be pumped up steadily, but it's not

and this has got to stop, See Spot run, run get Spot

Insulting to a Black mentality, a Black way of life

Or a jet Black family, so I include with one concern, that

You must learn

Chorus: Just like I told you, you must learn (twice)

I believe that if you're teaching history

Filled with straight up facts no mystery

Teach the student what needs to be taught

'Cause Black and White kids both take shorts

When one doesn't know about the other ones' culture

Ignorance swoops down like a vulture

'Cause you don't know that you ain't just a janitor

No one told you about Benjamin Banneker

A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac

Can't you see where KRS is coming at

With Elie Whitney, Holly Selosy, Grand Bill Woods

made the walky-talky

Lewis Latterman improved on Edison

Charles Drew did a lot for medicine