The Blueprint

Boogie Down Productions

Musty fusty yet so crystal clear

The non commercial set is now here

Brought to you by the will of positve people

K R S plus One equals

Slammin' lyrics and beats unquestionable

The peofessional while I guess that you'll

Grab the album that rocks most on the market

Strong hearted with a target

Bloo and the target is hit

I shot the lyric then reload the clip

Bloo-- another shell hits the ground

Along with the shell my opponents weak crown

--Bloo Bloo-- the title comes after

What a disaster listen to the laughter

Your heart I capture

Cause every lecture has tecture

If you're wack I say next sir

Who's next cause I've got no time for weakness

Only the teacher speaks this

Dialect, which gains nuff resect

Which money can't buy you yet

I don't care cause Boogie Down Productions has both

The most worldwide coast to coast

We didn't do it with the soft commercial sound

Try the ghetto cause I refuse to let go

You see you don't understand I knew it

You got a copy I read from the blueprint

Keepin' it on track

And never wack

Please step back

If you speak the weak rap

Cause I alone can dis your whole pack or posse

Stupid sit there and watch me

You can't stop the original with a copy

Sloppy very sloppy you slouch

Every time I bite you yell ouch

Breakout get lost your throat is hoarse

You lost cause I'm dope of course

--One and Two and Three and Four--

But that comes from years of practice

Anti-slackness anti-wackness

Throw on the glasses and teach the masses

Very simple the question I ask is

How many MCs must get stomped

Before somebody sa