Essays On Bdp-ism

Boogie Down Productions

Verse 1

Am I supposed to stand here?

These bright lights, I'll probably get a tan here

Scott, turn up the master

So I can hear, and talk faster

I'm the Blastmaster, cos I'm blasted

I know a lot of y'all are shocked that I've lasted

But Blastmaster is a subtitle

KRS ONE is more vital

And more lethal and more vicious

As the suckers always say, "He just dissed us!

He got a problem, yo, he's conceited"

I'm not conceited, they just couldn't beat it

Cos when I'm in a club I like to mingle

Seconds later they're playin' that single

Loud as a collision and pumped up dramatically

So the people in the place will automatically

Time it, and dance right behind it

Those that have it on tape will rewind it

It's not surprising, we rock parties

Anywhere, anyone, anybody

Some sound shoddy, like cardboard

But I'm blessed, praise the lord

You see I like to study, I like money

I like eatin' wheat bread with honey