Blackman In Effect

Boogie Down Productions

Wake up!

Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it.

It's time for the massive BDP crew at the top of the pile.

Yo. In the morning I'm yawning at noon is when I wake up

Make up my bed break up the bread and said

Scratching my head why am I so damn intimidating?

Is it because of laws designed to keep us waiting and waiting

Thus hating all forms of a setback

Get back if you can't understand a rap act.

This is the language of the people ready to hear the crew

I've got no juice, 'cause I'm not getting juiced

To have juice means you kiss and lick a lot of booty

To have respect means you simply new or newly

Heard what I had to say and felt as though you'd say that too

I'm not down with a juice-crew

But anyway I say today the message I create is great

I don't preach hate, I simply get the record straight

It's not the fault of the black race that we are misplaced

We're robbin' and killin', your own medicine you taste

You built up a race on the concept of violence

Now in '90 you want silence

Well, I want science, not silence but science

Scientific fact about black

The board of education acts as if it's only reality

Is talking 'bout a Tom, Dick and Harry

So now you learn your black history is questions and answers

Every question but the Black Panthers

Timbuctoo existed when the caveman existed

Why then isn't this listed

Is this because the blackman is the original man

Or does it mean humanity is African

I don't know, but these sciences are hidden

For some strange reason it's forbidden

To talk about, or converse on a political outburst

I don't believe that I'm the first

Or should I say the first