Criminal Minded

Boogie Down Productions

Intro: (sung by KRS One to the tune of the Beatles "Let It Be")

Boogie Down Productions will always get paid

We'll take the wackest song and make it better

Remember to let us into your skin

Cause then you'll begin to master

Rhymin rhymin rhymin

Verse One: KRS One

Criminal minded you've been blinded

Lookin for a style like mine you can't find it

They are the audience I am the lyricist

Sometimes the suckas on the side gotta hear this

Page, a rage, and I'm not in a cage

Free as a bird to fly up out on stage

Ain't here for no frontin just to say a little somethin

Ya suckaz don't like me cause you're all about nothin

However, I'm really fascinating to the letter

My all-around performance gets better and better

My English grammar comes down like a hammer

You need a style, I need to pull your file

I don't beg favors, you're kissing other people's ---

I write and produce myself just as fast

Keep my hair like this, got no time for Jheri curls

Attractin only women, got no time for little girls

[KRS sings again] Cause girls look so good

but their brain is not ready, I don't know

I'd rather talk to a woman

cause her mind is so steady, so here we go

I'm not a musical maniac or b-boy fanatic

I simply made use of what was upstairs in the attic

I've listened to these MC's back when I was a kid

But I bust more shots than they ever did

I mean this is not the best of KRS, it's just a section

But how many times must I point you in the right direction

You need protection, when I'm on the mic

Because my mouth is like a 9 millimeter windpipe

You're a king, I'm a teacher

You're a b-boy, I'm a scholar