Stop The Violence

Boogie Down Productions

Worldwide BDP are the freshest!

Worldwide! Worldwide! Worldwide!

One two three the crew is called BDP

and if you want to go to the tip top

stop the violence in hip hop Y O

Time and time again as I pick up the pen

as my thoughts emerge these are those words

I glance at the paper to know what's going on

someone's doing wrong the story goes on

Mary Lue's had a baby someone else decapitated

the drama of the world shouldn't keep us so frustrated

I look, but it doesn't coincide with my books

social studies when I speak upon political crooks

It's just the presidents, and all the money they spent

all the things they invent and how the house is so immaculate

They paid missiles, my family's eating gristle

then they get upset when the press blows the whistle

Of course the main profiles are kept low

you temper with some jobs, now the press is controlled

Not only newspapers, but every single station

you only get to hear the president is on vacation

But ehrm, stay calm, there's no need for alarm