The Kenny Parker Show

Boogie Down Productions

Indeed truly we are the mighty mighty BDP posse

This is our 4th album and we're STILL not takin no shorts

Yeah.. ha hah!

On the wheels of steel is Kenny Parker

As we say he can't get no darker

All about action not a fast talker

All the whick whack sucker DJ's

gotta try much harder

My man Willie Willie Willie D

Taggin up BDP with a fat marker

And THIS is what's on today's charter

Ha hah hah

All the ladies in the place throw your hands up in the air

BDP rockin without no fear

So Kenny Parker if you know what time it is

throw the funky fresh beat in like this


* crowd chants "go, go, go, go" for a while *

Ha hah

Well it's me, down with BDP

KRS-One rocks ANY party

Rocks the beats, and the breaks

Rock the socks off the frauds and the fakes

The suckers shake, while I'm creatin

They get together and they start debatin

How can we take him out one time?

So they push up the best with the freshest rhyme

I might go first, and he'll go second

I'll wreck him, deck him, say to him, "Just checkin the mic"

Droppin fresh styles I like

So throw up your hands and drop your mic

Cause I'll go third, and he'll go fourth

By the fifth you're dissed cause you lost

Six is your beatdown, your title is seven

Takin out your four man crew makes eleven

By the twelveth well I'll go for self

Rockin New York like no one else

You can check any rapper from seventy-eight

A few have rocked their whole career straight

Some had dope twelve inches, count em

But not many crews had slammin albums