Dope Beat

Boogie Down Productions

My name is that top of all of those that mix

Turnin poetry into cash for eighty ... seven

Some did it got paid some jams were never played

But I am just a poet who watched the whole parade

Go by and why? Cos they wasn't fly

Others claim to be fresh

But they're not KRS

I cannot walk around the street with my head in the clouds

Either runnin on my gear or havin colors too loud

Everything must coincide with the way I feel

And by the way, it's Scott LaRock on the wheels of steel

So I take one step to adjust the mic

I get around the whole city so I do wear Nike

I like the funky beat

A studio like to meet

I write the crazy fresh lyrics

And I don't eat meat

You can look me up and down, and my DJ too

Because we make up the Boogie Down Productions crew

Takin out MC's on the 1, 2, 3

No matter who they claim to be in society

Because we know their games, we ?appall their? ???

If they need a different style we can get ?large?

He's I.C.U., he's out to kill

I'm KRS and we get ill

DJ Scott LaRock got his own beat

The extravagant life is what we seek

I will tell you like this cos I know for a fact

I will live a long life and I don't smoke crack

Captivatin the crowd 7 days a week

You know what they told me to say? I got the dope beat

For me to say again another verse of my rhyme

Means what you heard before must've blew up your mind

So now it's time to find poetry like mine

Do not waste all your time because I'm one-of-a-kind

Pullin out, easy goin cos the money be flowin

6'4", brown eyes, and I'm always showin

Stupid MC's on the mic the way it 'posed to be done

?They? study rhymes all week but I be rhymin for