Gimme Dat (woy)

Boogie Down Productions

[KRS One]

Right right! (Woy)

Bring it (Woy)

BDP (Woy)

BDP (Woy)

BDP (Woy)

Now smooth it out (Woy Woy)




Alright here we go (Woy Woy)

Hi hello whassup and what's happenin?

I am known as the teacher in rappin

Some need slappin cause what they're sayin

is wack and weak and wait let me speak (Woy)

Don't be the sucker comin into my face with that (Woy)

yang-yang, or you'll be down with the chain gang (Woy)

Draggin your feet, to a beat produced by BDP (Woy)

One of the many, from the library (Woy)

I teach HIP-HOP for a living

So here's a smidgen, of what I'm givin

KRS-One two three four, encore

I'm not a freshman, sophomore, and further more (Woy)

I graduated from the school of no shorts

to the world of rappin I brought

"That's it, that's all, single, no more, no less"

That style was created by DJ KRS (Woy)

Offbeat got you out your seat (Woy)

When I created the style, they studied every single week (Woy)

Now you come in my face like you're rulin? (Woy)

But I'm teacher boy, who you foolin!

See there's no defense against common sense

confidence, intelligence or excellence

Intense, but here's the difference

KRS-One does NOT mean ignorance

Try obediance, magnificence

As a reference, STOP THE VIOLENCE

Criminal Minded, Poetry, and Jimmy Hats

Is that your title? GIMME DAT! (WOY)




Now let's take it back a little bit (Woy, Woy)



You can't test BDP boy (Woy)

So bust this down (Woy, Woy)