Poisonous Product

Boogie Down Productions

Back off crack off slack off

Act off your instinct

And think in a wink or blink

I'll make your body shrink

I use ink and memory my record companies selling me

My fans be telling me I'm the greatest

You hate this rigid metaphysical criminal mided poet

Don't blow it if it's lost I'll show it

If its torn I'll sew it

It's kinda off beat yeah I know it

The styles I originate I don't wait for fate

I practice love not hate

But MCs get ache

They wait and hesitate on the act

But always can debate on that trivial fact

This is KRS and I'm black!

Same color as the brothers in Iraq

War is wack, especially when you die in vain

Bush invaded Panama, how can you really place blame on Hussein?

Regardless of the name, the insane economic game has got to change

Like a range rover over the plains

I come equipped to rip shit

Not ignorant, intelligent - artistic - inquisitive - poisitive and


The sedative is the poetry I give

How yah live KRS is in the house!

The poisonous product (is) pimped out to poor people

Penetrates pieces of their thinking equal

It comes in peaceful thru the "TELL-LIE-VISION"

Distorts your vision

Now the lies got you wishin' thru transmission

You wanna be a better Christitan

You wake up sunday mornin' to watch "TELL-LIE-VISION"

Mission - Christians be sayin "Accept Jesus in your life"

Christianaty was founded 400 years after Christ

What are you accepitng in your life?

Christianty or the teachings of Christ?

Make up your mind, they're not the same thing

In 1992 the blind leads the blind

Right into the ground they can't show you where god is