Part Time Sucker

Boogie Down Productions


T'cha t'cha that boy is a t'cha

I want you all to understand I'm down with BDP

I got so many styles but I'm not an MC

I am a teacher teaching rap and of course I am back

Because these other MC's are here also weak and wack

So BDP will teach them hey we will teach them

BDP will teach them hey we will teach them

All about the guy who first is down but then he lies

what he is to you, he's a part time sucker

Among thousands and thousands of very good MC's

A poet will flow like the breeze

Like the wind, air is all around us

From what I hear, it's a good thing you found us

And in a hurry, just in the nick of time

Cause I do four things: rhyme, produce, teach, and bring to you new


Well here's the first style, right out the pile

It's called vocabulary. Difficult, isn't it?

At least is looks that way when you witness it

Kill (kill?) meaning to deprive of life

Fiancee: future wife

Poet (poet): a person who writes poems

Wandering, meaning to roam

Everyone sees me when I walk into the public

Even the suckers, I just love it

When they get disgusted every time I prove

(Boogie Down Pro...) Boogie Down Productions will move

Meaning to motivate, lest rhyme straight

Hate is a very very big mistake

It rhymes with frustrate and aggravate

Let me just demonstrate why I won't abbreviate

Television, a view of scenes transmitted

Every single second you get it

Pepsi (what?) the choice of a new generation

Fired from work: termination

Quality: something special about an object or person

Can you rock a party without rehearsing?

I can, anytime, on the spot rhyme

Many recording artists can