Boogie Down Productions

[KRS One]

Give it to em!

Nuff respect! And praise to the creator

Over the years it seems that I became a

landmark in the hip hop field of art

I shed light yet my skin is dark

I'm not conerned with climbin the chart

Cause why should you pay when it comes from the heart?

I'll start cause only Jah will create it

I'll just name it Edutainment

People sit and they look at my album

like a problem, they try to solve em

They don't know, it only leads the way

to a bright more positive day

By itself, it's NOT the bright day

Sit up straight, and hear what I say

Fear and ignorance, I'm down for stoppin this

but the bright day is your conciousness

I am poet, my words will heal you

I'm not a phony I'll really feel you

That's why I walk and talk to my nation

Wherever they are, in any situation

They usually ask for an autograph

And I'll whip out the pen and just write Blast-

-Master, K-R-S, O-N-E

BDP, Peace and Unity

But do not concentrate on the paper

Concentrate on the laws of the creator

Cause when the paper's gone, it will deceive you

But Allah will never leave you

Nothing I say now is hypothetical

These are the facts, a little metaphysical

We are one, every heart every lung

So why then was the black man hung?

He was hung by the so-called Christians

that went to church, and did not listen

See Jesus couldn't stand politics

so they nailed him to a crucifix

Then it was that way, today it's a trigger

So why is the Pope such a political figure?

I don't know, but it's really beyond me

But through knowledge, they'll NEVER con me