My Philosophy

Boogie Down Productions

[verse one]

Let's begin

what where why or when

will all be explained

why destruction is a game

see I'm not insane

in fact I'm kind of rational

when I be asking

yo who is more dramatical

this one that one

the white one or the black one

pick the punk

and I'll jump up to attack one

KRS One is just the guy to lead a crew

right up to your face and dis you

everyone saw me on the last album cover

holding a pistol

something far from a lover

beside my brother


I just laughed

'cause no one can defeat me

this selection number two

is "My Philosophy"

number one

was "Poetry"

you know it's me

it's my philosophy

many artists got to learn

I'm not flammable

I don't burn

so please stop burnin'

and learn to earn respect

'cause that's just what

KR collects

see, what do you expect

when you rhyme like a soft punk

you walk down the street and get jumped

you got to have style

and learn to be original

and everybody's gonna wanna dis you

like me

we stood up for the South Bronx

and every sucka mc

had a response

you think we care?

I know that they are on the tip

my posse from the Bronx is thick

and we're real live

we walk correctly

a lot of suckas would like to forget me

but they can't

'cause like a champ

I have got a record

of knocking out the frauds in a second

on the mic

I believe that you should get loose

I haven't come t