Word From Our Sponsor

Boogie Down Productions


This is a test

Of the Boogie Down Production

Prevention Against Sucka MC's

In the event of a real emergency

You would have been instructed

On which jams to play

And how loud to blast your radio

And now a word from our sponsor

Verse One:

I'm from the Bronx Blastmaster KRS One

Provin that my job ain't done until I get some

More no need to roar or yell

Cos I can still tell what will sell

And would have sold without yellin over a drum roll

That style is old, so unfold

Blossom, bloom, you got the room

So go ahead and consume

A new era, KRS-One comes better

Bite another lyric? Never

Cos I'm too clever, however

I own my own label

Partners with Scott LaRock, he's on the turntable

And partner Lee Smith

I'm exercising a true gift just to uplift

Hip-hop, hip-hop

My voice is like a monster

And now a word from our sponsor

Verse Two:

Two, three, four, five, sex, seven, eight, nine, ten

I gotta start this rhyme again

How many words can I find that rhyme

And still keep in mind every lyric must come out on time

Not many but I have plenty

Scott LaRock sent me just to devastate any-

One, any daughter, any son that comes my way

Hey, you got to go the other way

I represent my DJ Scott LaRock

D-Nice, the beat box

I only wear Nike's, not Adidas or Reeboks

Many people know me, yet I'm known by few

My name is KRS-One, son

Not two or three or four or five or six

The mix is on Scott LaRock and Scott LaRock is on the mix

Verse Three:

Cool like the air we breathe

Inhale, exhale, perpetrators will fail

As sure as