7 Dee Jays

Boogie Down Productions


YES! Chillin in the place right now

Harmony and Heather B, Ms. Melodie

DJ Jamal-Ski, DJ Kenny Parker

And of course we are gettin MUCH DARKER

Because the Africanism is in EFFECT

So check it out, MAN!

And try not to bite the lyrics


So come in now with the chorus of the day

Because we don't play

Chorus: KRS-One

It takes 7 Dee Jays to control a sound

It takes one soundsystem playin music loud

It takes 7 Dee Jays to control a sound

But D-Nice, you're gonna make the party live


Bust it, yo

I love to diss whores, I love to do tours

Makin young ladies just drop their drawers

and when they drop em, I don't kick em, check it

Like the Fat Boys said, I "Brrrrrrrr, STICK EM!"

From that point on, I say we're on for the night

But I love it when the girl just call me D-Nice

And if she gets bold and try to ask for a fee

I say, "Please hoe, it's all about me"

[Heather B]

It's not the star spangled banner or the red white and blue

but the underground sister from the Edutainment crew

So what you do, is back up if you work for Bush

Cause all the Presidential prison pushin politicians

gotta get MUSHED, gimme back my land you SUCKA

You beat down my father and you raped my mother Africa

And now you wanna laugh at her

I feel like pickin up a razor, and slashin ya

Snatch up Margaret Thatcher and unmaskin her

to find out she's a man without a manicure

Go to President DeKlerk without askin her

and BUST SOME SHOTS for South Africa

And if Margaret jumps in, I start bashin her

for every freedom fighter start crashin her

And then Heather B will get nastier

and pull out my two shot derringer

Cause yes, Heather B comes classier

Cause Heather B, Jamal-Ski, and KRS the trainer

makes up the dope crew called, Edutainer

You'll find the law of balance on the two turntables

So look out for the FRESH Edutainer label