Ya Strugglin'

Boogie Down Productions

featuring Kwame Toure'

[Kwame Toure']

Africans in America try to identify

totally with their master in every respect

They are the only ones who can not do it

but they are the ones who will go to all extremes to do it

* laughing * (check it out) * then laughing some more *

They can not be disguised

but they will attempty to disguise themselves

[KRS One]

I'm on a search not for a car or a miniskirt

But the words I wish to exert

will hurt, damage or upset the ego

You wanna be macho, yeah, but we know the deal

Jheri curls just ain't gettin it

KRS-One is only down for pickin it

Pick the afro, need no Soul Glo

or Carefree Curls, that's just a no-no

Where oh where, are all the real men

The feminine look seems to be the trend

You got eyeliner on, chillin and maxin

See you're a man with a spine extraction

So what I'm askin is plain to see

Are there any straight singers in R&B?

All I see, is the light-skinned buffy

Tryin hard, to be Mr. Tuffy

Yet in fact, you're Mr. Softie

with the beige contacts on, yo you lost me

I ain't with it, never will, never have

How can your son even call you dad?

Your skin is bleached and your nails you just buffin

Take a look at yourself man, YA STRUGGLIN'

[Kwame Toure']

Africa is so strong, that once she puts a stamp on you

four hundred years of cold weather, death,

and all that fryin your hair shall not disguise you

As a matter of fact, she is so strong

that no matter what chemicals you put in your hair

she will come back and snatch it up

* audience laughter *


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