Love's Gonna Get'cha (material Love)

Boogie Down Productions

Ya know that's why man I be telling you all the time man you know


that word love is a very serious thing and if you don't watch out I

tell ya

that (Love's gonna get you) because a lot of people out here say "i

love my

car" or "i love my chain" or or "i'm i'm just in love with that girl


there" so far all the people out there that fall in love with material


we gonna bump the beat a lil' something like this

im in junior high with a b plus grade,

at the end of the day i don't hit the arcade,

I walk from school to my moms apartment,

I got to tell the sucaks everyday "don't start it",

cause where I'm at if your soft your lost,

to say on course means to roll with force,

a boy named Rob is chillin in a Benz,

in front of my building with the rest of his friends,

I give him a pound, oh i mean i shake his hand,

he's the neighborhood drug dealer, my man,

i go upstair and hug my mother,

kiss my sister, and punch my brother,

i sit down on my bed to watch some tv,

(machine gun fire) do my ears decieve me,

Nope, thats the fourth time this week,

another fast brother shot dead in the street,

the very next day while im off to class,

my moms goes to work cold busting her ass,

my sisters cute but she got no gear,

i got three pairs of pants and with my brother i share,

see there in school see i'm made a fool,

with one and a half pair of pant you aint cool,

but there's no dollars for nothing else,

i got beans, rice, and bread on my shelf,

every day i see my mother struggling,

now its time i've got to do something,

i look for work i get dissed like a jerk,