The Coup

featuring Clap, Vexx (F.T.S.)


We don't make no damn Mickey Mouse music!

* Pam the Funkstress cuts "I shot the sherriff" *

F.T.S. with The Coup, whatchu wanna do?

F.T.S., Coup

Chorus: Boots, Clap, Vexx (repeat 2X)

Undas, Cops, Pigs and Shit

They be gettin on my nerves I'm bout to have a fit

I need land, a place where no money is spent

I'll kick back, and live life immaculate (you say)


Exchange data, no contact, no matta

Eternally, you'll find, information to be, God sent

The soul, my body's bein spent like some dope shit

All the way from across the Atlantic Ocean

See I can't help but talk about the way my people been raped

Right about now, I'm bout to set some shit straight

To all you late bloomers and early consumers, ignore the rumors

who has the made the whole nation backslide, to homicide

Almost and damn near, genocide

We all need to check our soul inside

Have you ever seen a human body landslide?

How bout some tanks doin a driveby

or a bomber droppin napalm from way high?

We long live, but sometimes we got ta die

The whole world's about to bow man, that ain't no lie

You betta find yo'self befo' yo'self takes all your time


One mo' gen now



Bump you.. it got to be.. hot to me..

A cop to me.. could burn in hell

We re-bel.. we don't swell like the pressure

Tester.. even leave the best of shakin and

shivering.. WHOOO.. icy cold.. delivery

Deliberately slippery when wet

You moist yet? You check out

the hop-hippin.. it got you flippin while