Foul Play

The Coup

Brothers on the block making bankroll

The billion dollar dream is the dream for the cash flow

Little do they know they're a little or a big hoe

But they have a car they can side at the sideshow

I'm the type of brother that'll tell another "Hell no"

To the seller struck hiking rocks in a hellhole

Whether you can slide you can glide in your hoo-ride

But you're gonna drown in the high tide of genocide

Brothers give my five but it's live jive

Can't understand with their hands in a beehive

I'mma take a risk on the dis take a big dive

Just to make it rhyme on time I'll say "Overdrive"

Missed 'em I'm not with them but they're victims

Cause they're just a part not the start of the system

No hocus pocus that's the focuse of the song

Hope that you can learn this and one day sing along

A clearly cut case co-opted by The Coup

An exposé of foul play against me and you

Sing it

It's funky, it's funky, it's funky, it's a funky situation (x4)

(Still don't nothing move but the money)

(Man Boots what you talking about?)

Explicit and implicit are the exploits

I'm speaking of the society that's living off me

No jumps and coast to coasting in a Detroit

No I am a factor that they don't need

Cause labels are stable in this big world

Talking 'bout sex, you're a boy or a girl

Talking 'bout a kind you're a jerk or the jerker

Talking economics you're the boss or the worker

Right about now I'm gonna change the flow

Going straight up like my new wave afro

I say it and they play it

Do you hear me though you're guessing there's a lesson

But teach me, I want to know

Conjunction junction what's my function?